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Dear CSA members, 

We are taking it week by week, working to bridge our farmers with you. New partnerships have emerged in the spirit of Community Shared Agriculture, with a special opportunity to feed the most food insecure among us, our urban poor.

To share the risk of each shipment to the metro, we are pledging to move over a ton of veg weekly, share that with you, with poor communities in North Caloocan and Payatas and with community kitchens who will also cook to share. 

Community Shared Agriculture forgoes choice so that everyone may receive a diversity of produce and the farmers may also cultivate edible gardens instead of fuel/feed monocrops. With a lean team able to pack and ship, this is the most resource-efficient way to ensure food for all.

A Gulay Pambahay is a set of 9-12 kinds of produce, usually good for a family of 4-5.

A Small Tampipi holds about 6-8 varieties, good for a family of 2-3, or 1 if you eat primarily vegetables. 

You are welcome to add-on other items such as beans, grains and immunity-boosting ferments

We only have limited shares so please settle payment early. Deliveries are subsidized to 99/drop along our regular routes from Cubao. We can still deliver elsewhere  (see or contact us directly for a quote. All packs will be delivered in an eco-bag which you are welcome to return for sanitation and reuse. Deliveries are currently on Thursdays.