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Dear CSA Members,

Despite the challenges we face in these times, we are fortunate to be able to continue our work in bridging our farmers with you through Community Shared Agriculture

As we forego choice, everyone receives a diversity of produce and the farmers are able to cultivate edible gardens instead of fuel and feed monocrops. 

As CSA subscriber, you can choose from the following farm shares:

A Gulay Pambahay is a set of 10-14 kinds of produce, usually good for a family of 4-5.

A Small Tampipi holds about 6-10 varieties, good for a family of 2-3, or 1 if you eat primarily vegetables.

You are welcome to add-on more gulay, as well as beans, grains and immunity-boosting ferments for your family :)

You may also opt for a solidarity share to help us provide food to 500 families every week in a community in Payatas and Montalban. 

Through CSA and solidarity, we truly believe that we can make a difference and change the world with food.


Reminder: To make it to our weekly Thursday delivery, your payment must be processed by 6PM the Monday before. See what's available this week on our Gulay BoardAlso check out our Delivery Guide & FAQs. All packs will be delivered in tampipi which are shared by all CSA members. Collections are weekly in exchange for your farmshare, to be cycled for sanitation and reuse.

What Makes Our Produce Stand Out

We could tell you about our partnership with small holder farmers, their organic practice and the larger food system that the produce represents or you could taste it. The difference depends on what you're used to and what you've been exposed to. Many of the items taste more alive than supermarket ones (ie spinach, carrots, beets, korean radish, etc). Often we receive varieties that don't make it through mass-produced marketing channels or long travel (ie cherry tomatoes or saging bulkan) Whether it's the soil care or the shorter food miles or both, we like to believe you can experience collective health and hopefully taste it too.



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