FermentNation Kit

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What can you do to feed the nation? Fermentation! We've come up with this kit to get you started right at the end of surplus season. Available for a limited time only!

What will you be making?

Our Famous Asian-style Sayote-Carrot Curtido, Happy Tummy Beet Kvass and Highlands Sauerkraut.  Yes, ALL THAT in one kit. Clear your schedule, open up your kit and follow along with Mabi as she guides you step by step through one of life's most essential skills.

What will your kit contain?
  • fresh all-organic ingredients for these three recipes
  • a bell of natural sea salt
  • 1 large glass jar
  • 2 wide-mouthed glass jars
  • private access to our online tutorial series (videos + pdf guide + basic fermentation manual & troubleshooting tips!)
  • access to a live Q&A session (schedule to be emailed once available) 
An Introduction to Fermentation

As more people spend time at home and health becomes crucial in this period of pandemic, fermentation is gaining popularity worldwide. We are rediscovering the benefits of this ancient technique—from extending the shelf lives of highly beneficial but also highly perishable foods like fresh fruits and vegetables to strengthening our body’s ability to fight infections by supporting our immune system. 

Our immune system is a complex system that is shaped not only by our genes, but more importantly by our lifestyles. Science has established that eating fermented foods regularly has health-promoting benefits such as improving food’s nutritive value. For instance, fermentation produces vitamin B12, which is not found in raw plant foods. The lactic acid bacteria produced by fermentation also help the body absorb nutrients better. Fermentation also helps maintain the health of our gut microbiome, which is essential to fighting infections. 

Fermentation is also an effective way to save vegetables and minimize food waste, as the technique is well known in different cultures worldwide for preserving the shelf life of food items. For example, a head of Baguio cabbage will only last for several days on the counter but can last several months when fermented as kimchi.

A great habit to start these days is to make a jar of fermented vegetables regularly from one’s weekly vegetable and to serve it as a side dish during meals with the family like atchara but with probiotics. They can also be included in raw salads. Because fermented foods are considered functional foods and have strong acidic flavors, moderation is key to its consumption.




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