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How it works

How do we bring fresh and ethically sourced organic produce from smallholder farmers to your kitchen? By sharing in a commitment. Your commitment to eat healthy meets our farmers' commitment to grow nutritious food-- and together we grow a sustainable food system.

1. Choose a CSA farmshare subscription here and learn more about our advocacy here. Longer durations mean more affordable food! Note that every subscription now includes a 50 PhP bayong contribution for us to continually support pandan weavers in Quezon Province as well as support the zero-waste movement. Add-on items here.

2. At check-out and shipping, you will be asked to choose a drop-off point among our community hubs OR ask for delivery (within the service area below). Please choose the fee appropriate to the number of weeks. Our deliveries are only on Wednesdays currently.

3. For payment, you can pay through a number of channels:

  • Paypal (accepts Visa, Mastercard)
  • Dragonpay (accepts several banks, LBC, 711, etc but charges a minimum fee ie 10-20 PhP per transaction)
  • Bank deposit or bank transfer (BPI or BDO)

4. Once payment has been made, we'll be in touch with you to confirm your order within the working day :) To make it to the Wednesday delivery, your payment must be processed by 6PM the Saturday before. Prompt us at 0939-9344663! #CSAhooray!